Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cloth over Disposable!!! Big money saver (I hope)

So since I was laid off last July I have been trying to find ways to save money. Recently I have decided to switch to cloth diapers. I know I am thinking I have lost my mind, since I just ordered them this last weekend and haven't even received them yet. But I have several friends that swear by them and one that is actually addicted to them (silly girl). I'm a little nervous but anxious at the same time. I really am hoping it works out so that we can save some money.

I am really happy that Joey has taken to breastfeeding because that has also saved us a ton of money not having to purchase formula. Yaay Joey!!! I am also looking at making my own baby food once he gets to that point. No i'm not turning into a hippy and no this isnt like me, but in this economy and only having one income, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


WOW time really got away from me!

I just realized I havent posted anything on here in months :( sorry! Life has been a little busy since Joey graced us with his presence!!! My little guy is already 3 months old, wow they grow fast. I wish I slow things down a bit, trying to cherish every moment with him tends to go to the side sometimes when you have a 2.5yr old running around demanding attention as well. Maddie is great with her little brother though. She loves "her joey" so very much and is very protective of him. She always wants to know exactly where Joey is and lets me know when he is crying ;) (i guess i didnt hear the high pitched screaming). What a great big sister! My little brother Mike deployed to Iraq 2 days before Joey was born, and we all miss him terribly. Rob's brother who had depolyed last May got to come home early to go to some special training, we are very greatfull that he is out of harms way now.

Right now we are counting down the days till my mom comes to visit in April. I am so excited that she finally gets to meet Joey, Maddie will be soo happy to spend time with her granni. I cant wait! Then it will be time to start planning Maddie's 3rd birthday, I can believe that we are already there :( time flies way too fast! Here are a couple update pictures of my sweet babies, and my awesome brother Mike in Iraq