Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins here we come!

I finally found a good pumpkin patch close to home this year... normally we drive an hour and half to go to a patch near a friend of mine and we would have done that yesturday as well but her little girl was not feeling good. So I did some searching and found Hunter Farms in Union. Maddie went on her first Hay ride :) she was waving at everyone that we passed on our way out to the pumpkin fields.

Once we got to the pumpkins this little one walked forever before she picked out her pumpkin (with some help... she would have kept going otherwise) The thousand pumpkins before this picture were just not good enough ;)

Here is her pumpkin and if you couldnt tell by the face its a little heavy ;)

She "has" to help daddy take the pumpkins to the scale

The one thing this place didnt have that the other one does are mini hay bails that you can purchase, so maddie and i will be taking that trip after all ;)

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