Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our new little friend Chopper!

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Miss Maddie think Chopper is all hers. She is a good little mommy and is always watching out for him. She can be a little rough sometimes, when he first came home she treated him like a stuffed animal :( a little scary, but she has gotten alot better and is picking up under his arms instead of his neck. Chopper thinks it his job to keep her running, he loves to chase after Maddie and nipping her in the butt. It took about a week for Bandit to come around to liking the intruder in his home and now you cant separate the two of them, those two are always wrestling, Chopper may be ALOT smaller than Bandit but he can pack quite a punch! Now I just wish he was as easy to house train as Bandit was.

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