Saturday, March 28, 2009

'and the waiting game begins'

Tuesday night Rob and I found a small cluster of bumps under Maddie's left ankle bone. My first thought was ant bites, i have stomped a few in the house over the past few weeks. So we went to bed, well tried to at least. Maddie and I were up quite a bit that night, so i decided to make it a sick day for the both of us.
Then I found this....

It got worse thru-out the day so we met Rob at urgent care, "4" hours later the diagnosis was "Atopic Dermatitis" which is a form of Eczema. The doc gave us Hydrocortison cream and said let us know if it gets worse, but this should take care of it. That night we got less sleep, she was up ever 30 minutes screaming 'OWY'. Second sick day seemed to go worse than the first, we layed on the couch all day watching Tinkerbell, didnt eat very much and the rash didnt seem to be getting much better. Well here we are Saturday afternoon and it is worse than ever, the cream seem to make it spread further up her leg. Went back to urgent care, three more doctors looked at it, i asked that they please take a culture of it, which she did and also gave us a referal to the dermatologist. Still no idea what it is, possibly shingles? Was given another medicine and a referal and told it would be 3 days before we would know exactly what it is.

So now we are waiting :( with a very unhappy little girl, and no sleep.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rub-a-Dub Dub

It doesn't matter what kind of day little miss Maddie has had, she could be in one of the crankiest moods. As soon as she gets in the tub all that crankiest just goes away!!! She is such a goofy girl and I cant get enough of her smile!
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