Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking for the Stork!

Rob and I have been discussing this for a while now and have decided that we are ready to add to our little family. Last week I went to the doctor to have my birth control removed (IUD) and when I got back to work this is what was waiting for me!
Beautifull baby roses! I have such a wonderful man.
I am sure showing you the note card may embarrass him a little, but I think its cute!

I cant begin to tell you how excited I am, and how much I cant wait to have another baby. Hopefully I will be blogging about a Positive test soon!!!


Last May my Mother-in-law had a very bad stroke and lost alot of her movement in her right side. Her favorite thing to do for Maddie was crochet her hats, she made many other things for lots of other people, but my favorite were the cute hats that she made, none of them are the same they all have a different look and match each one of maddie's personalities. I dont want maddie to miss out on those sentimental items. So I decided to teach myself how to Crochet. I knew the basics but never really made anything before. So here are a few things that I have made lately!
This hat and blanket I made for my little brother Mike. He inlisted into the Army last march, Maddie and I are sending them to him for Valentines Day.
I made this baby hat for my coworkers new Granddaughter.
The wreath below did not take Knitting or Crocheting, but was still very fun.

Daddy's Girl!!!

Maddie loves her daddie very much. We really only get him three days a week because he works nights monday - thursday. So on those three days that we are all home, she monopolizes his time as much as possible... She deffinately has him wrapped around her little pinky finger (@19 months old)!!!

We are both very greatfull for the sacrifices he makes for this family. We love you Daddy!