Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our trip to OHIO!

On August 30th we flew out to Columbus, Ohio. This was Maddie's first trip out to where her daddy grew up (in Dayton). After a 4 1/2 hour red eye flight into Cinncinati, an hour layover, then a 30 minute flight in a "tiny" plane we finally touched down in Columbus. Rob's brother and brothers family lives in Columbus, and the rest of the family lives in Dayton. We spent a few days with them and a few days in Dayton. Here are a few good pics of the trip!

Family Picture!
Grandpa Steve's friend Mary
Maddie and her Cousin Willie
Maddie and her Grandpa Steve
Dad his boys and his beautiful grandbabies!

We had a lot of fun visiting the family but were also glad to come home to our own beds :)


Maddie has had 9 ear infections since December. So Rob and decided it would be best for our little girl to have the doctor put tubes in her ears, so she doesnt have to be in soo much pain this winter. Her surgery was August 26th at 9:45 am, I was not aloud to feed her after 12:00 the night before. I think that was more difficult then letting the nurse take her away for the surgery. The surgery went great and very quick. Miss Maddie was a champ!!!