Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Granni Weekend!!!!

YAAAY Granni came to visit for the weekend. Even though i did miss a 10 year reunion that would have aloud me to see some old friends, i hope they had a great visit with each other. We had a great visit with MOM/GRANNI!

With my mom living in Nevada, we only get to see her a couple times a year if we are lucky. Now that Madyson is here, we have got to see her alot more. We know who is loved here ;) I absolutely love having her around. Rob and I recently purchased our first home and this was mom's first visit since then. So i got my own personal interior decorator for a weekend. Mom and I redecorated our kitchen. I have to say that we did AWESOME!

Batten Down the Hatches!!! Maddie is Walking!!!

Our little girl is walking now... It started on Mothers Day, she took her first two (and only two because mom got too excited) steps, a week later she was up to five, now poor bandit cant take a nap with out maddie bothering him. The girl just learned how to walk and she is already trying to run. They grow up sooo fast, i cant believe that in less then a month my sweet little piglet is going to be ONE!!!

Too Many Blogs sooo Little Time!!!

I am not soo good with keeping up with soo many blogs... after a day at work i come home with miss maddie and its pretty crazy until she is asleep!!! I promise i will try to be much better :)

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